Hi, I'm Vanessa and I am the person behind TwinkleToes diapers from design to production so I strive for impeccable customer service and try to work with you to get exactly what you want or need. 



The challenge of custom orders is something I love and am happy to say I have done dozens of special needs orders for older children and adults.

TwinkleToes Diapers was created  7 years ago because of my daughter's sensitive tush, she had an allergy to disposable diapers.  I started by making pocket diapers, the popular choice at the time.  Since then my design has evolved into a less expensive more efficient way to cloth diaper. From AI2 diapers that can be wiped clean so you can  reuse the cute outer shell. To fitted diapers with zorb, zorb 2  and a few all natural ones. They all go great with my fleece wraps as a day or night solution. For those who are ready to potty train a wide selection of training pants are available. They are made with zorb for great absorbency without the bulk. If you're looking for something not carried in my store just contact me through the link at the bottom of the page or at (727)403-6814  

Thank you for your support.              


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