Battle of the inserts

Image: of the Inserts!

When you first buy a cloth diaper, they usually come with an infant insert and then an additional insert that you can use to double up with once baby is older and pees more. This is fantastic, right?! Well…yes and no, because the inserts that come standard with most diapers are microfiber. Which honestly kind of suck. Yep, I said it. Microfiber sucks. It’s notorious for holding onto smells more than any other insert out there. It can’t go against your baby’s skin, and it also wears down overtime, losing its “fluffiness” and after a while it ends up kind of rough. Look at this picture and you’ll see what I mean. But, with that being said I actually use microfiber in every single one of my daughter’s diapers, because one of the fantastic things about microfiber is that it is really fast absorbing! The key to success with using microfiber past the infant stage is pairing it with a good, slow absorbing insert that will pick up where the microfiber is lacking. This brings me to the *Great (and not really that scientific) Battle of the Inserts!*


Poor insert, you were once so fluffy.

What inserts did I test?

I did this test using the inserts we already had at home, because I only want to write about products that I actually believe in and know about firsthand. So, I tested an Imagine microfiber insert, a Rumparooz 55/45 hemp organic cotton insert, and a Twinkletoes Diapers Bamboo and Zorb2 insert. I used some very scientific tools: an old Dr. Brown’s bottle, a jar of cookie butter that my little sister made, and a piece of construction paper to better show the amount of liquid that made it through the insert.


My fancy testing area, IVF meds and all!

I took each insert one at a time and laid it onto the construction paper. I totally messed up the first time and poured water everywhere…

Each insert then got 2.5 oz of water poured onto it and then I placed the jar of cookie butter on top of it for 30 seconds to try and mimic a baby sitting on it.

Here are the results!

Twinkletoes Diapers Bamboo and Zorb 2 Inserts | Microfiber | Rumparooz Hemp and Organic Cotton


The clear winner is the Zorb2 insert! Woo hoo!

I then took each insert and wrung it in my hands to see how well it would hold onto the liquid. The Twinkletoes Diapers and the Rumparooz insert were pretty much the same, I squeezed them as hard as I could and no water dripped out of them. The microfiber didn’t do too badly, but it definitely did lose some of the liquid when I wrung it out.


The Rumparooz Insert after testing


The Twinketoes Diapers insert after testing


The Imagine microfiber after testing

Bottom Line:


Sold for a range of prices everywhere online.

I love shopping at Kelly’s Closet or Baby Town


Fast absorbing


Easy to find


Wears out after a few months of use

Loses it’s “fluffiness”

Holds onto smells more than other types of inserts

Can’t touch your baby’s skin directly, needs to be in a pocket

Synthetic material

Twinkletoes Diapers Bamboo/Zorb2 Inserts

Sold for $14.99 for 3 inserts here


Trim, not bulky at all

Absorbs liquid quickly and holds onto it under pressure



Not available in stores

More expensive than microfiber

Not a totally natural material

Rumparooz Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert

Sold for $10/ each here and comes with the insert I tested plus a smaller, contoured one.


Absorbs slowly, which is great under a faster absorbing insert

Holds onto liquid well under pressure

All natural material

Easy to find online and in retailers who stock cloth diapering products



More expensive

What we use!

We use a Twinkletoes Diapers Zorb2 insert under a microfiber insert, and it works PERFECTLY! Our daughter is a heavy wetter, and we never have leaks. The combination of the fast absorbing microfiber on top of the super thirsty and strong Zorb is the perfect combination for us. If you’re thinking it might be time to add more absorbency to your diapers, I highly recommend trying this combo. While I do like the Rumparooz Hemp insert, it adds more bulkiness than I think would be comfortable for baby. If Rumparooz came out with a thinner hemp insert, I’d love to give it a try.

What’s your magic combo? Still searching? Have questions? Ask below!


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