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Fleece Diaper Cover from Twinkletoes Diapers


Once you get into cloth diapering and sort of get your bearings on all the different types of diapers out there, you may have a favorite type, but you will likely LOVE to try different styles and fittings, just in case you are missing out on something super cool.

Fleece Diaper Cover

fleece diaper cover Today I’m bringing you something cool that just might be new to you! Check out these fleece shorties from Twinkletoes Diapers! Yes, yes, maybe you have seen shorties before…what’s the big deal? These are side snapping!!! This means that they are extremely flexible in terms of all the ways that you can use them. They will pair well with flats, prefolds, inserts or they can be put over fitted diapers as a cover. They also have a super secure fit around the legs, if your baby tends to get leaks there.

fleece diaper cover This is the first cloth diaper item we own that is made of fleece, and we are really enjoying it. Vanessa, the owner of Twinkletoes Diapers uses Malden Mills windpro fleece, which is breathable, waterproof and will keep you warm, yet it is light enough to wear during the day, as well. Darah seems to be very comfortable in her shorties, and I really appreciate being able to lay an insert in the diaper and be on my way. Sometimes I find myself out of cloth diapers (perhaps they are all still drying, or perhaps I just haven’t gotten around the building them, yet). In any case, I find that my Twinkletoes side snapping shorties are so perfect for those situations, as I can literally throw together a diaper in 3 seconds. I can also have confidence that it will work. We haven’t had any leak issues, so far!

Vanessa also recommends these fleece shorties as potty training pants, since a toddler can pull them up and down just like underwear. As we work towards that goal, I’m so glad to have these on hand. How wonderful to find a product that is useful for diapering AND for potty training!


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