New Cloth Awesome-ness TwinkleToes AI2's



New Cloth Awesome-ness: Twinkletoes AI2s!

So I think it’s pretty firmly established that as far as cloth diapers go, I’m an AI2 gal. I’ve tried out most of the major brands and recently started branching out to WAHM brands available on Etsy and Hyena Cart. Based on cost, prints, and reviews, I opted to try a Twinkletoes AI2 Starter Package: 3 covers, with 6 snapping daytime inserts.

Feel & Construction: *****

Cottony outer with interior PUL lining in tons of really great prints. Very flexible, with double waist snaps, snap-down rise, and crossover snap tab. The snaps are really heavy-duty and diaper is well-sewn. The inserts are amazingly soft and the Zorb bottom is quilted. I actually hope the snaps loosen up just a bit with repeated use because they stay snapped so tightly.

Sizing & Fit: *****

There are plenty of snaps on this diaper to get a great fit, yet they are stretchy enough that they don’t leave red marks. They come in one-size or 2 size options (size 1, size 2). I ordered the size 2 for Jibs, which is intended for 20-40 lbs. I find that while most cloth dipes specify they are good up to 35 lbs, they are an extremely snug or low-rider fit on my 29 pounder. Jibbers has plenty of room to grow in these! Definitely good for up to 40 lbs, maybe even beyond. Jibs is presently on second-smallest rise setting, and uses only the three innermost waist snaps (these can easily expand another 4″ in the waist if needed). There is even a crossover snap on the waist for skinnier babes.

Although these are meant to fit a child up to larger proportions, the elastic is great– no gaps around the waist at all, and gussets around the legs. Jibbers has “average” thighs, but these might be tighter on a chunkier baby in the leg. They are cut wider through the crotch than some others, but not enough to impede movement. They do give Jibs a bit of a “poof butt,” but they don’t require a larger size in clothing.

Absorbency: ****

I usually think of Best Bottoms inserts as the gold standard by which I measure others, since they are absorbent, yet the stay-dry layer works well to keep moisture away from baby’s skin, and they seem resistant to stains and stinkies that others aren’t. Well guess what? Twinkletoes are pretty great for daytime, AND they are thinner. The suedecloth top is a finer “grain” than what I’m used to, but it works incredibly well.

I did not purchase any of the night inserts (silly me!), but Jibbers has stayed dry through longer stretches during the day. We have had some naptime wicking, which I attribute to my tummy sleeper and the leg gussets being trimmed with what appears to be regular cotton. Therefor, these may not be a night diaper anyway. I played around and found that I could add one of my BB night inserts snapped to the TT inserts, but it was sort of an odd shape, since the contours and sizing are different, but it may work for others.

Laundering: *****

After prepping per instructions, these are just as easy as can be. Inserts are all one piece, which is nice, because they don’t wrinkle or twist that way. Interior wipes clean really easily, and the outside exterior is even somewhat stain-resistant too. This is important because around this time of year I start letting Jibs run around wearing just a T-shirt, diaper, and shoes (it’s HOT already here in the coastal SE). The covers take a bit longer to dry than some of the others I own, but not nearly as long as a pocket or microfiber.

Overall: *****

In addition to all the great attributes listed above, these diapers are a really incredible value at $14 each ($15 for size 2s), which includes one insert! No, not prefold-cheap, but certainly a bargain compared to other brands of similar quality. I HIGHLY recommend these dipes, and will probably be returning to purchase some night inserts and additional covers, if I can justify the purchase ;0)

I think I may like these almost as well as my Best Bottoms (gasp!) snaps, because Twinkletoes give me a better, more adjustable fit, and they are far more flexible. The higher weight/size range is also very appealing, in case you have a larger child.

Customer service was great– the momma communicated with me several times, in an effort to make sure that the snaps were of a color I would like, and shipping was quick, as custom orders go (less than 2 weeks from order to receipt).

You can find Twinkletoes Diapers on Etsy

or Hyena Cart

Tell them practicalmomma sent you!


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