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Twinkletoes Diapers: Discovering AI2 Diapers


Bloggy friends, I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to another fabulous mom who has developed a great business that helps her stay at home with her children. Meet Vanessa, the owner of Etsy shop Twinkletoes Diapers. Vanessa specializes in AI2 diapers, and she also has a nice variety of diaper covers for those of you who prefer fitted diapers.

AI2 from twinkletoes diapers Vanessa sent me the cutest AI2 diaper ever, because it is made from Supergirl fabric! When the diaper arrived, it came with really helpful instructions for prepping the diaper before its first use (for those of you who are new to cloth diapering, the vast majority of cloth diapers have to be washed anywhere from 1-8 times before they are fully absorbent, and the number of times depends on the material that is used). For Twinkletoes diapers, the liner only needed to be washed once, and the inserts need to be washed 4-6 times. I’m impatient, so I only washed them 4 times before I put them to use!

After reading over Vanessa’s instructions for prepping, usual washing and general use, I realized that this diaper offers something distinct from the other AIO diapers I use. The shell can be reused all day long, provided that the elastic isn’t soiled. You just unsnap the insert and wipe down the shell, and then snap in a clean insert and put it back on the baby. I think that’s really cool! Her diapers come with one insert, and you can purchase additional ones if you’d like to use the shell more than once before washing it. They are only $3.00. This is a terrific way to essentially turn one diaper into two or even 3 for very little extra money!

Twinkletoes diaper inserts are made with some really cool fabrics: bamboo fleece, suede cloth and ZORB…this fabric is new to me, but it rocks! Zorb soaks up wetness faster than any other material out there. I love it! I have found AI2 diapers to not be as effective for Darah during nap times, because she sleeps on her side and the inserts aren’t quite able to keep her dry at that particular angle. But during the day, they work like a charm and I would highly recommend them. If your baby sleeps on his/her back or tummy, I can’t imagine that you’ll have any leak problems during nap times with these diapers.

AI2 package from twinkletoes diapers Buy It!: If you are looking for a way to get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to cloth diapers, without compromising the cuteness factor or the ease of use, Twinkle Toes diapers are the way to go! Check out what Vanessa has to offer, and purchase a few diapers and several inserts today! You’ll not only be getting some very nice diapers, but you’ll also be helping a mom live her dream!


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