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You know I love cloth diapering my kiddos. I am always on the lookout for the cutest and the best cloth diapers out there and I have found some great ones. Twinkle Toes Cloth Diapers have quickly become one of my favorites. Twinkle Toes Cloth Diapers are a hybrid kind of diaper I love that are a one size fits all(the only kind I really like) plus they are a snap closure diaper again my favorite kind of closure. Snaps last longer keep the diaper looking new and you don’t have to deal with laundry tangle ups and you won’t have to clean out the Velcro closure (time consuming and a pain). Plus your kids won’t be able to undo them as easily. My kids; Kaia especially, when she was in them would take off velcro closure diapers as fast as I could get them on her. I am not a fan of velcro cloth diaper closures.

Twinkle Toes Cloth Diaper are AI2 which means they are a waterproof cover and you can snap in an insert. Twinkle Toes Cloth Diaper inserts are super absorbent and soft. You can also use a fitted diaper under or a prefold. Some things I like about the design of the Twinkle Toes Cloth Diaper they have gussets on the diapers. Most cloth diapers don’t have these and I think they should. The gussets create an extra barrier and a closer fit around the legs. Maybe its just because I have super skinny kiddos but leg leaks happen easily with my kids. The gussets help prevent this.

Next with Twinkle Toes Cloth Diaper design you can actually use the diaper through multiple changes. You can bring one diaper and several inserts. All you do is, if it’s just a wet change I pull out the dirty insert, I then use a wipe to wipe down the diaper and then snap in a new insert. This saves room in your diaper bag plus I personally LOVE the diaper I received and I like showing it off its pretty cute. With this technique Mikey gets to wear his diaper for longer. All in all Twinkle Toes Cloth Diaper makes a fantastic and extremely affordable cloth diaper. I would recommend these diapers to anyone and everyone.

You can see how the insert snaps in above.
Just look at how cute he looks in this fantastic diaper

Twinkle Toes Cloth Diapers always welcome custom orders.

Twinkle Toes has come up with a new diaper that combines the versatility of a cover and the convenience of an AI2. If you’d like a cover without inserts just let Twinkle Toes know and she’ll be glad to help you.

This one size AI2 diaper cover is very versatile. Use it over fitted diapers, prefolds or use it with a snap in insert to make it an AI2. Because of the waterproof inside layer it can be wiped down and reused. The added leg gussets allow it to fit over fitted diapers and eliminates blow outs.

It’s bound with fold over elastic for a snug fit without being too tight. It comes with rise snaps down the front to fit babies 10- 30 lbs.

This cover comes with one snap in soaker made from cuddly soft bamboo fleece, two layers of Zorb and it’s topped with a stay dry layer of suede cloth.

According to the manufacturer, Zorb is as absorbent as microfiber but without compression leaks.



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