Boy Diaper Cover prints



This diaper cover is very versatile. Use it over fitted diapers, prefolds or add snaps and use it with a snap in insert to make it an AI2. 

Because of the waterproof inside layer it can be wiped down and reused.  The added leg gussets allow it to fit over fitted diapers and eliminates blow outs. It's bound with fold over elastic for a snug fit without being too tight.   

small up to 15 pounds
medium 10 to 25 pounds
large 20 to 35 pounds
one size 8 to 35+lbs 

 This cover can come with a snap in soaker made from zorb 2  and it's topped with a stay dry layer of Pro Cool interlock. According to the manufacturer, Zorb is as absorbent as microfiber but without compression leaks.