Solid PUL Pocket training pants

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These waterproof training pants are great for potty learners of all stages. They pull up and down easy but also have side snaps for the oops factor.

They have a pocket opening in the back of the trainer. The material against the skin is flannel so they feel the wetness.

Trainers can be purchased without any insert, with daytime insert or with night insert. If you want to use your own insert they must be 4 inches wide or less.

The daytime insert is made from 2 layers of zorb 2, the night insert will have 2 layer of zorb 2 and 2 layers of hemp

First measurement is un-stretched second is fully stretched
S waist 11-14 inches, thigh 6- 10 inches, rise 11.5 to 14 inches
M waist 14-18 inches, thighs 9-12 inches, rise 14 - 16.5 inches
L waist 18-22 inches inches, thighs 12-16 inches, rise 16 - 19 inches
other sizes are available upon request

Let me know if you'd prefer another color combo